Graduate Show 2019: Ciaran Birch: Graphic Design

My work mostly centres around typography and the significance of language in communication.

I am very interested in revival and sources that are perhaps seen as not very contemporary or not explored enough. I find most of my inspiration comes from being on the move and does not necessarily¬†fall under the term ‘Art & Design’.

Please tell us about your final year project

My final project at Brighton centres around megaliths Рthe neolithic stone circles and monuments that populate the English countryside. These sites remain very mysterious, with many tales having been written about them. According to folklore, the Cheesewring in Cornwall was formed as a result of a rock-throwing contest between giants and humans. I wanted to tap into this mysticism and create something that appears sculptural and intriguing. While considering this, the English artists of the Neo-Romantic movement, such as Paul Nash, Barbara Hepworth and Graham Sutherland, became more central to the project. They looked towards the English countryside for most of their work, painting a historically-rich, surreal image of England. Using what I had found from researching these artists and recording ancient sites near my home in Oxfordshire, I created a typeface: Phenomeno. 

Image of font

How have you found your time at Brighton?

Studying at Brighton has been full of change for me. My work ethic has changed dramatically and I feel so much more motivated in the work that I complete. The tutors have always been there to offer guidance or expertise. Sometimes criticism was harsh but this was just what I needed; it has definitely enabled me to evaluate my work more efficiently and question my methods.

What are your plans after graduating?

Post-university I aim to build on my practise, looking at establishing what it is that I can offer to the design world. I want to start accommodating more freelance work and just develop my process. Collaboration is something I look forward to as well; the prospect of working within a team of professional is quite exciting.

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