Graduate Show 2019: Tyla Johnson: Illustration

My practice is exploring the fine line between Fine Art and Illustration and how I can push these boundaries but still visually communicate ideas to an audience.

It’s pretty stressful having this mind set in a Graphic Design and Illustration studio as everything is super clean and tidy but I think I’ve managed to work it out so far. 

Page of writing

I hate it when people ask about my influences because I don’t know. One project this year was to introduce ourselves to our new tutors through an animation and that was a question we had to answer. I made stuff up for that video just to get the mark, but being cliché, I guess most of my inspiration starts to manifest from my subconscious observations.

Image in two tone

Please tell us about your final year project

My final project focus’ on females within folklore, hence the name of the project Females in Folklore. My goal was to visually communicate through painting and sculpture the way in which these women are portrayed under the critical feminist theory of the male gaze. Along with this I felt that it was important to represent myself as a female through my heritage, so I looked into the Welsh Folktales of the Mabinogion. Focusing on the story of Rhiannon, a lusted over woman, I began to breakdown her story and painted some paintings of visual representations from the stories and also made some wonky pots.

Image of vase

What have you taken away from the course/time at Brighton?

I have learnt to stop being so particular and stubborn and just make, which has definitely developed my creative process leading me down a lot of different pathways in developing my visual language. My time at uni has been one massive rollercoaster of learning and emotion. I have made some amazing friends and we’re all staying for another year just to put off adulthood. 

What are your plans after Graduation?

I don’t have a plan as such yet, but I’d love the opportunity to have a studio space in Brighton where I can develop my work and be messier! So anyone reading that can help me out with that, just let me know!

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