Graduate Show 2019: Tom Hawgood: Interior Architecture

I study Interior Architecture at the University of Brighton, a course that generally pays close attention to how we benefit people that will inhabit what we design.

I particularly enjoyed the aspect of learning how to design spaces that not only look good but actually work and are usable for their intended purpose. I wrote my dissertation about the theory of how we can attempt to achieve this; a thesis about how the different behaviours and mindsets between people lead to the create and use of space in a different way, and paying attention to this and deign around it leads to a greater satisfaction with the built environment.


Can you tell us about your final year project?

My final third year project was also about the spread of enjoyment with the built environment but, as I belong to a more fictive and created narrative based studio, this theory was represented in a fictional world, where a Victorian Engineer and Futurist was working on the production and widespread system of sustainable, clean electricity by tapping into the psuedo-scientifical nature of Ley Lines and Magnetism. The project shows his journey from tampering with small electronic devices to eventually turning his house into a monumental energetic engine that would power the local area with a source of power.

sideview of model

How have you found your time at Brighton?

My time at the uni and on the course has been a very positive and worthwhile step in my life. I feel as if i have learnt and grown so much, being challenged but encouraged every day. Help and support was always available whenever I needed it and I always knew who to turn to. The staff have been excellent, Stunningly clever and engaging but our fellow students is what makes this course at the university of Brighton really feel like a homely place as everyone is kind and understanding and always willing to work together.

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What are your plans after graduating?

After graduation I imagine I’ll find myself working in a small practice where I have found some interesting people to work with, taking on projects that encourage me to explore areas of design I enjoy diving in to. However, I eventually want to work towards having my own business, working towards resolving and helping people with the environments they live.

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