Graduate Show 2019: Rosanna Brocklesby: Architecture

I have always loved drawing and making things, however in my final year especially I have found the joy in designing through model-making.

Both of my final projects in second and third year have been large scale community projects which I have modelled both quickly and in detail to design the suitable atmospheres. I am therefore inspired by architects driven by atmosphere such as Louis Kahn and Tadao Ando. As a young lady, I find great inspiration amongst female architects and increasingly those passionate about sustainable construction.


Can you tell us about your final year project?

My final year project is based in the small, historic town of Rye. The brief in my studio involved creating a radical future context for this quaint place. I imagined that Rye became a Free City, independent from the rest of the UK with its own government and economy. Due to its new found independence, there would be an influx of new residents from all around the world. I designed the civic centre for this space, it is the key government building as well as a multi-faith religious centre. The building acts as the gateway into “New Rye” from “Old Rye”.

model of rye build

How have you found your time at Brighton?

My time at Brighton has been fantastic, I will look back on it with such fondness. The course is challenging, but being immersed in the fun studio environment has not only taught me so much but also given me friends for life. The relationship between staff and students in the school is something very special and support is always there when it’s needed. Brighton is a brilliant city to be a student in, there’s always something happening. I will miss it here very much.

Top view of model

What are your plans after graduating?

At the moment I have no definite plans for after graduation, I am hoping to apply for Part 1 Architecture jobs in London as soon as possible and live there for a year or so, hopefully someone will take me! If my passion for architecture continues and grows, I hope that I can travel for a while before continuing my studies in the profession. 

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