Graduate Show 2019: Lieske Weenink: Sculpture

My practice currently focuses upon the themes of human relationships, health, psychological boundaries, and time.

I explore these concepts through a mixture of both film, sound, sculpture and installation which express topics which are often left unspoken. This is due to my own personal circumstance of my father being diagnosed with a rare blood cancer. This unfortunate experience has become a pivotal moment both within my life and my artistic practice. Making art has become increasingly therapeutic for me, both to process coming to terms with having a seriously unwell parent, as well as making objects, installations and videos that can communicate our own mortality to anyone viewing my work.

Image of installation

Please tell us about your final year project

I have become fascinated with hospital waiting rooms and the etiquette we follow when we enter these spaces. I have especially found how the constant activity within a hospital waiting room environment contradicts the isolation felt by individuals waiting for treatment. For my final project titled For My Parents,  I aimed to explore how these impersonal spaces enclose individuals with vast complex personal circumstances. I replicated a waiting room space, alongside a video and sound piece which inside includes my Father and Mother discussing their experience of his illness. They also express their own experiences of sitting in waiting rooms alongside others who are all on their own ‘journey’. Overall,  I wanted For My Parents, to allow the audience look inside a narrative, which they will never truly understand, yet will be able to relate to in some way. The intention is also to analyse and suggest to the viewer the absence of communication that often exists in these situations. As well as that  these emotional and physical situations  can affect us all, making the viewer aware of their own vulnerability. 

Image of two hands on screen

How did you find your time at Brighton?

The University of Brighton has given me many amazing things. Firstly, the time to make art- to figure out what I am about, and what I like to make and how I like to make things. It has also given me confidence in my own ability, due to the sensitive nature of my work, I sometimes felt unsure or uncomfortable with presenting it to others. However, now I feel confident and comfortable to present anything that I make. I also have made the most amazing group of friends, who have supported me through everything. Brighton is a kind, happy, creative place, and I could think of nowhere else I would have liked to spend these three years.


What are you plans after Graduation?

After Graduation I am planning to stay in Brighton and find an art studio somewhere with a few friends. I aim to continue my art practice, and overall just find my feet post university.  Also, a group of friends and I, aim to set up a gallery in Brighton, which is specifically for young artists and creatives, creating a platform for young art. We are really excited about starting this venture, as it will allow us to promote individuals at the start of their artistic careers, and at a time when they need a helping hand the most!  

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