Graduate Show 2019: Angharad Webber: MA Architecture

During my time of study, I have become more interested in the use of materiality in architecture; particularly understanding technological advancements in manufacturing methods and development of smart materials.

My projects have provided opportunities for model making, material testing and working with digital fabrication methods as well as developing skills in traditional craftsmanship. A main inspiration has been the work of Peter Zumthor, who uses materiality in exaggerative proportions in comparison to a human scale, creating fantastically atmospheric spaces.

model of building

Can you tell us about your final year project?

My project this year consisted of designing a university campus along the West Quay riverside strip in Newhaven, which would provide learning spaces to bring an awareness and development of the wider range of products and technology which can be produced through the fishing industry. The aim of the proposal was to break down the current barriers between the fishing commerce in Newhaven and its local community.

The technical investigations connected with this project included the design and testing of an external tile cladding system. I designed a tile which would direct the flow of water to a single point, decreasing the surface of possible deterioration on the tile. In order to test the design of the component, I built a press machine which allowed me to manufacture the tile out of different materials. Results from such investigations led to the building of a 1:1 façade patch, which helped to influence the design proposal of the campus buildings.

architect drawing

How did your find your time at Brighton?

My years studying architecture have been intense, but rewarding. I have learned a lot at university, and have found freedom to explore issues and create drawings and models which otherwise would not have been possible when working in industry.

What are your plans after graduating?

After graduation I plan to have a good rest and take some time to travel before getting back to work in an architecture practice.

All images by Tri Ha

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