Graduate Show 2019: Jamie Kaye: Product Design

TENKYUU / てんきゅう is a liquid carrying poncho, designed to eliminate the need for single use plastic drinkware at festivals.

It combines a slimline, reusable hydration system (capable of carrying 1.5L) with a multifunctional, highly durable waterproof jacket. The fully adjustable harnessing system spreads the weight evenly across the users body, providing a simple, hands free drinking experience. This hydration system is detachable, meaning that the poncho can  be worn solely as just a jacket.

My final project has allowed me to combine both my passion for clothing design and sustainable product design and has been a very fruitful journey. The poncho was inspired mainly by Japanese clothing. It rains a great deal in Japan so it is no wonder that they produce some of the best technical clothing in the world. In fact, it rains so much that they have over 50 words for ‘rain’. The product name was inspired by the Japanese word ‘Tenkyuu’ which means ‘rain from a cloudless sky’ in the same way that with the jacket, the liquid appears from nowhere.

Japan is a country that I fell in love with during my first visit in 2015. It is a truly fascinating part of the world with a multifaceted culture like no other. What I love about Japan is that they are constantly pushing technological boundaries and continually setting trends. I draw many of my inspirations from Japanese designers.

How have you found your time at Brighton?

Brighton really is such a great place and I feel incredibly lucky to have studied here. There is so much going on and so much to do just a stone’s throw from your front door. The city is loaded with great people doing great things and there simply isn’t anywhere else like it in England. It’s going to be hard to leave, but I’ve definitely made the most of my time here!

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My final year has been no easy feat and has meant a lot of sacrifices, but I’ve learned so much and feel I am leaving university with a well-rounded skillset and the confidence and knowledge needed to make a great designer. The course has pushed my creative thinking outside the realms of comfort and has left me eager to apply my design knowledge and practices that I’ve acquired over the last 4 years to industry.

My placement year was such a fulfilling year and so much fun. I was constantly surrounded by inspiring people doing awesome work and it was here that I really established what I wanted to do within the creative industry. I couldn’t recommend a year out more.

What are your plans after graduation?

After leaving university, I aim to join a branding agency as a junior designer. This will entail both developing and launching new brands and rebranding existing ones. It was during my placement year that I developed a real passion for the world of branding and gained a fantastic insight into working in industry. I’m really excited about breaking into this professionally and keen to push my skills and knowledge to their boundaries.

Working with Axe (Lynx) and creating the branding for a new paragliding company called Flight Club provided an exciting learning curve and boosted my personal growth as a designer. This passion for branding was something I was fortunate enough to continue developing during my final year, particularly while working on New Designers.

Image of New Designers stand

Producing the Brighton Product Design stand for the 2019 New Designers exhibition has definitely been the most rewarding part of the year. New Designers brings together annually over 3000 of the UK’s most innovative young designers, makers and thinkers, hosting over 200 creative courses during a two week visionary design exhibition. It is one of my favourite times of the year and in my opinion, one of the best design events in the UK. I’ve only ever been as a visitor, so it is really thrilling to be exhibiting. I’d definitely grab a ticket if you’re in London in July! Creating a stand that will be seen by over 15,000 people is super cool and it was a particularly exciting moment seeing the branding come to life whilst building our full-scale section model.

Alongside my studies, I have working with a London based health start-up creating the branding for a new all-natural jet lag supplement. It is a really awesome product with a lot of potential and is set to launch later this year, which I can’t wait for.

Good spirits bottle

My main focus outside university has been launching my own drinks start-up, GOOD SPIRITS. Our goal is to become a sustainably driven drinks brand, synonymous with quality products and quality moments, creating a range of sustainably sourced beverages that deliver great tasting, affordable ready-to-drink cocktails. To be in ‘GOOD SPIRITS’ is the very essence of our mission. We actually had our recipe development done here in Brighton and have created an Espresso Martini, Raspberry Mojito and Gin Fizz. Our next stage is raising investment.

It has been a challenge trying to manage this alongside my studies and difficult trying to put aside but has left me hungry to return to it after I graduate. My aim is to carry on pursuing this alongside a job in branding until GOOD SPIRITS has the legs for me to take the leap and go full time with it! My business partner Jamie and I have been best mates since childhood and when you’re doing something that you’re truly passionate about, most of the work never really feels like work. We love it. 

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