Graduate Show Profile: Tiago Mathias: Graphic Design

My work is quite varied, I try to explore different medias but I mostly work with film; producing, filming and editing.

A lot of my inspiration comes from pop culture and my surroundings, being friends with creative people allows me to learn more about subjects that I’m not familiar with. I tend to get inspiration from sources that are different to what I’m producing, so if I’m making a film I tend to look at music, photography, installations, paintings… for inspiration.

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Please tell us about your final year project

For my final year project I worked on a short film, that talks about societies obsession with beauty. The main character is unhappy with her looks and joins a cult who praises fashion and in return their god keeps them young and beautiful. My main idea was to explore the subject in a dark and sexy way, and really push the idea of how far a person can go to achieve “perfect” beauty.

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How have you found your time at Brighton?

I’ve had a great time in Brighton, the course really allowed me to try new things and really push me as a designer; through the years I realised that what I enjoyed doing was video and the tutors where really supportive and always very helpful. The nature of the course allows you to try new things which was great for someone like me that enjoys to do many things in the world of design. 

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What’s are your plans after graduating?

I have been offered an internship at Apple in London, I’m interning for a year as a designer for Apple music and iTunes, which stars this June. 

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