Graduate Show 2019: Ziyoo Hwang: Illustration

I make still and moving images, mostly about my personal life and youth mental health issues. 

I get inspired mostly from my personal life, but anything looks interesting, especially when I go to a foreign country, can make me produce visual pieces. 

Lines and squiggles

Please tell us about your final year project

I am really interested in youth mental health issues and human behaviours, so I made a book about a sad guy who killed himself and a grim reaper penguin, and then made another animation and a book about the world with the human allergy.


How have you found your course/time at Brighton?

It was amazing! If you look at my projects I did in my first year, they look completely different from what I’m making these days. The course helped me develop my personal visual language.

Especially during my 3rd year, I went through a huge change, both as a normal human being and an illustrator who creates visual stuffs.

Brighton itself is a city with so much influencial and interesting stuffs as well.

What are your plans after Graduation?

I am going to do my MA at RCA, since I found the critical environment helps me develop my work further. I am really looking forward to find out what kind of a visual communicator I would be in the future.

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