Graduate Show 2019: Polam Chan: Sculpture

There is no difference to me between art and living. As an artist, my surroundings and insights not only represent who I am but also aid in the development of my creative mind and artworks.

I have an introvert personality that pushes me to focus on interactive artworks, because I desire to expand and connect with an audience and with other practitioners in order to break with isolation. 

Based on these interactive ideas, my practice mostly concentrates on the use of casting, moulding and forming methods to fabricate a variety of textured objects that play with the audience’s expectations of things like weight, solidity and materiality. Moreover, I am also inspire by product designer Kenya Hara, architect Frank Gehry   and fashion/ furniture designer Rick Owens on using this medium to create different kind of work from furniture, large scale architecture model to fashion garments. Which can show how my work always involve with my life.

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Please tell us about your final year project:

Art & design always mentioned in the same category, however they are very different from what and how is process is done by. My art works intention is to use both my art process of thinking and interest in architecture to create an artwork that able to influence and react audiences about how the current society is built and design. Furthermore, I’m interested in how people react to interactive work, which I will include this element into my work.

1000-385-200 is an infinity artwork that will be create by “bricks”. The bricks is designed by myself and it will be a mono pattern that able to slot into one another.

Nowadays, building houses and rooms is getting easier. By building the bricks by myself one by one from designing, measurement to cutting and making, it can express the contrast between man-made & machine-made objects in architecture/ society. The aim of 1000-385-200 is to let audience to explore a different kind of structure, reflecting on technology affect us in many ways including architect and designs. Last but not least, express my interest in the combination of art and design sculpture.

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How have you found your course/time at Brighton?

I found studying in Brighton help me grow a lot as an artist, not only from the research, portfolio and dissection essay but also having a great environment and workshop for me to explore more techniques and my interest in Fine art. Also, having few shows during the course, taught me how to build up and manage a group of artists exhibition. One of the reason I chose to study in Brighton, was also about the city. Even though London is the heart of art & design industry, but having space, creatives around a small town is really helpful for me to have inspiration and relax time to reflect on myself.

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What are your plans after Graduation:

As much as I treasure the time living in Brighton, after graduation I will be studying MA course in London Royal College of Art in Fine Art Sculpture. By studying in RCA, I will be able to gain more experience on having exhibitions, experiments with different materials and meeting more artists that inspire me. I will be also doing different kind of work with my friends in different creative industry in the future which I mentioned from my practice, including artworks, furnitures, homewares and garments.

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