Graduate Show 2019: Connie Wright: Illustration

My practice combines both illustration and graphic design, I love to experiment with type and illustration, playing with compositions my work visually communicates environmental and social issues through design, colour and image making. 

Please tell us about your final year project

My final projects explored two different subject areas. One visually explored our city, looking at utopia and dystopia I created illustrations of a utpoic vision of a sustainable city,  then created a flip side dystopic vision of a unsustainable city, the project consisted of prints and a risograph publication communicating how to make our city more sustainable, juxtaposed with how we are living in a unsustainable city. My second project Street View offered a visual exploration of Yanaka, Tokyo, travelled virtually through google maps, Street View is a combination of reportage illustrations, type and street signs creating playful compositions which document my virtual journey.

Blue sketches

How have you found your course/time at Brighton?

I have really enjoyed the course! Being in the same studio as graphic design has really influenced my work, giving me the opportunity to surround myself with designers, giving me confidence in my practice. The tutors have been really supportive of my work and pushed my development from a more abstract illustrator to a visual communicator.

Streetview in yellow and black 

What are your plans after Graduation?

I am currently designing the visual identity for a festival in 2020, after I plan to intern and carry on working freelance!

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2 thoughts on “Graduate Show 2019: Connie Wright: Illustration

  1. Hi Connie

    It was lovely to meet you on Saturday and so pleased that you won George’s Award. I have spoken to my son Joe regarding any opportunities that may be available for you where he works. He works for 8works which is a division of Oliver Wyman and Joe is keen to meet with you if he could have your contact details.

    I’m hoping to come to the exhibition at the Truman Building so may be we’ll catch up then?

    Claire (George’s mum)

    • Hi Claire – do you have an email address that we can give to Connie to contact you directly on? Kind regards


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