Graduate Show 2019: Sarah Weights: Illustration

During my time at university, photography has come to be my main method of working. However, I also dabble in a mixture of media; mark making, cyanotype and collage.

This year I have particularly enjoyed creating publications of my work; laying out and designing books. I have broad range of interests and influences, but I am inspired and feel passionate about Liverpool, which is where I’m from. More specifically, I am interested in working class identity and culture, which is a theme that has been consistent in my work throughout university.  

Street scene

Can you tell us about your final year project?

For my final third year project, I made a book about Anfield, a district of Liverpool where the football grounds are located. I wanted to create a portrait of the community and to show how the place relies on football for its livelihood. I also wanted to highlight how grassroots community projects are regenerating the district. I spoke to locals and photographed pubs in the area, which are full of memorabilia. I wanted to convey the character of the residents and show the juxtaposition between the wealth of the football club and the houses on the street. On Match Day, over 50,000 people travel there to watch the football, in an area which normally occupies 15,000 residents.  

Page from anfield book spreads

How have you found your course at Brighton?

I have found my time at Brighton to be challenging but enjoyable. I think it has broadened my idea of what illustration can be and has pushed me to find different ways to communicate visually. The tutors provided extremely helpful feedback and encouragement throughout which I think has helped me develop my practice and have confidence in my work.  


What are your plans after graduation?

My plans after graduation are to keep using the skills I have learned at university and to keep pursuing my photography work. I really enjoy the community aspect of my work, so would like to get involved in more socially conscious projects. Now I have handed my work in, I am focusing on making a website and looking for internships! 

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