Graduate Show 2019: Qingyu Zhang: Photography

My work mainly examines the ‘relationships’ between peoples, places, and cultures. I mainly working in the area of archive and documentary.

My work mainly influenced by Thomas Sauvin, Kechun Zhang and Peter Fraser.

Can you tell us about you final year project?

My project starts with my identity of Chinese people and exploring of the Chinese culture in the Western environments. Kung fu, as a traditional culture in China, gets a lot of interests from the Western people because of the popular Kung fu movies. However, the traditional culture is ignored by most of the people because some political and society changes.

I want to review how Chinese people regards our own culture by observing the Western people practicing Eastern traditional cultures.

I visited most of the Kung fu Club around Brighton and took pictures of these people and places. This work is mainly influenced by Paul Graham’s Empty Heaven.

Image of two men practising Kung Fu

How have you found your time at Brighton?

Photography in University of Brighton improves me a lot on thinking about Photography. The topic such as Lost and Found pictures, Archival pictures expand my knowledge on photography.

This course is run by experienced and knowledge tutors and technicians. Though most of the time on doing the projects is busy and tough, staff are really kind to help you on your problems.

Image of arm being held by the other

What are your plans after graduating?

Firstly, I will stay in UK for preparing the Free-Range show in London with my colleagues of the course after the Graduate Show. It is called This side of the Blue from 21st to 24th of June. Then I plan to go to Japan for a further study in Photography. I would like to get out of my comfort zone and get more inspiration from a country I have never been lived in. I want to have a new adventure with the knowledge learned from here.

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