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Graduate Show 2019: Fay Huang: Fashion Communication

My final year project is series of shots, the subject is 24 Solar terms.

It is a traditional Chinese culture, but people know very little about this culture today even lots of them have heard about it. The biggest reason is because this traditional has been gradually lost, very few people to promote it, people are not interested in it, so I was thinking to use photography, through visual images to present it in a different way, to make people interested in it and understand it.

Woman with bag over her head with goldfish

I did 24 different themes of shooting, such as Start of Spring, Waking of Insect and Major heat, etc. My final outcome is a photo book. You can find more images and information on my website, there’re some other works, like fashion shooting and documentary photography.

Woman in kimono bending over

How have you found studying at Brighton

I do love Brighton, but I don’t have much friends in the uni, perhaps is because of my character, I’m a quite quiet person in the uni. The good is the tutors in my course are so nice, and really patient to everyone, they gave me lots support, especial Eloise, many thanks to her!

Small image of frost descent

What are your plans after graduating?

I’m applying master degree in different courses, like fashion photography, fashion communication, advertising and digital marketing/management.


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