Graduate Show 2019: Lucy Fuller: Graphic Design

Since my final year my work has become mostly digital and video based, influenced by my interests in queer pop culture and love of Camp style.

Visually I’m also inspired by old cartoons, so my work is always very bold and colourful.

Can you tell us about your final year project?

My final project is a film called ‘Bad News’, its a parody of a TV news report using contemporary issues in an exaggerated/ridiculous way to mimic the likes of fake and sensationalist news. It features 3 characters which consist of a news anchor, weather girl and fembot; all played by a drag queen called Lydia L’Scabies.

Image of person in coke can fancy dress

How have you found studying at Brighton?

I’ve really enjoyed the course and my time at Brighton, being here has allowed me to discover new interests which have directly influenced my work. The course has been great for me to develop my own personal style as its very experimental and the briefs are really open.

What are your plans after graduation?

After graduation I want to carry on making films and aim to get an internship in London. I also plan on continuing to assist a photographer I worked with last year.

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