Graduate Show 2019: Louis Sterling: Digital Music and Sound Arts

Ultimately, I am a practising music technologist, recording artist and course representative on the Digital Music and Sound arts course.

As of 2015 onwards, I have since been supported by BBC Music, URBNET records (North America), as well as Rough Trade and 99Chants – a German label founded by critically acclaimed recording artist David August. I am also the founder of ID Spectral, a creative agency and platform that provides a bridge between the educational environment and the music industry.


Can you tell us about your final year project?

Throughout my time at Brighton University, I have been studying the use of sound and it’s importance towards interactive technologies, immersive installation art and more. However, for my final year project in particular, I have been working on a live audiovisual performance, which will showcase ‘Adisceda’ – a conceptual project that I had written from 2017-2019, before being mastered at Black Knoll Studios NYC, all prior to it’s design and manufacture onto 12″ black vinyl, courtesy of Rough trade.

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The record itself will be showcased in live, and will be made up of two segments; the first being the audio- sequenced live in a program called Ableton, which will be accompanied modular, contemporary visuals, which will interact accordingly to the waveform/transients of the live sound. These visuals will be mapped onto three projection screens, in a 180 degree placement set behind the performance space.


How have you found your time at Brighton?

I have found my time at the University to be very eye-opening and supportive, in that it’s made me realise that there are almost no limitations within one specific field or career choice. With the arts especially, I have found that regardless of the degree, you can quite literally apply your creative practise to anything, and combine it with other interests that you might have to formulate your own niche and pathway. Besides from this, I will very much miss the atmosphere / energy of the Grand Parade campus, and the ’16-19 DMSA course especially.

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What are your plans following graduation?

As I come towards the end of my time with the University, I will continue to work within the sound and music industry on a freelance basis. In the next few weeks I will be flying out to Berlin to work with a company that develop AI engines that can be implemented into immersive environments. This is by which I will be working on the audio programming and musical composition, and as a student that titled his dissertation ‘augmented reality and interactive sound art’ a few months ago, it is a job that is more than ideal, in that it very much satisfies my research between sound, immersion, and the digital-physical bridge with technology!

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After summer, I will continue to operate my creative agency with my business partner, as well as travel between separate companies/organisations that are in need of anything from specialist sound-based services, workshops or guest lectures. I am also in contact with a booking agency now, so it looks like I will have to make room for live-shows too, somehow. A chaotic (but fun) plan ahead!

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