Graduate Show 2019: Brianna Leeds: Digital Music and Sound Arts.

The Safe Space is an audio-visual installation, using a quadraphonic audio set up to combine meditative tones and abstract art to form an encompassing environment of mindfulness and peace.

This project integrates research from the field of colour therapy, music therapy and spiritual influences. An environment in which white fabric is draped, and projected onto, so people can enter, walk through, sit or lay to feel reduced symptoms of anxiety and stress.

I knew from early on that I wanted to create something that combines practices of colour therapy and music therapy into one space. The ability to help someone through the use of alternative therapies fascinated me, and in particular sound healing joined with colour was something I wanted to explore but in my own way. I wanted to explore it from a more artistic approach. I wanted to create something people can enjoy, be immersed in and feel a sense of relaxation.

Projection onto hanging

My musical influence descends from the meditative and spiritual healing music I personally listen to. I incorporated sounds of sea waves and soft melodies, while weaving in different textures. To complement the meditative vibe and abstract art, I wanted a sense of ambient music to be present, drawing my inspiration from artists, I previously researched for my dissertation, such as Brian Eno, Tim Hecker and William Basinski.

The installation and aesthetics of my piece stemmed from artists such as Bill Viola’s, The Veiling (1995), and La Monte Young & Marian Zazeela’s Dreamhouse (1993).   


How have you found studying at Brighton?

Overall, the past three years at the University of Brighton have been amazing. I never could have imagined myself going to Uni and taking on a course so tailored to my interests. The Tutors taught me that sound and music goes so much further than just composing or being in a band, they allowed us to create sound and art, that may be considered “out the box”, with no judgment, while the technical support allowed all of us to bring our artistic concepts into practice. Although I’m going to be sad when it finishes, I also can’t wait to take my experiences from here further.

From this course I have been able to find a deeper interest in how I would like to continue, not only with music, but with sound design and audio-visual installations. After Uni I hope to work alongside the concept of my final project and explore creative art therapies to help others.

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