Graduate Show 2019: Annabel Lumby: 3D Design and Craft

My project has been an exploration into plastic pollution in the sea, and how puppetry can be used to convey messages about the increasing threat sea creatures are facing from micro plastics.

Using a variety of materials and techniques, I have created a series of characters, each who depicts the issue towards their kind, and aim to enlighten the audience through humour and an underlying message.

At the end of second year, I made ‘Stavros the Seagull, The Name and Shame Seagull on Plastic Patrol’ – a seagull puppet who I filmed chasing people littering on Brighton Beach. This had a great success, and was covered by the Brighton Independent and the Argus.

Can you tell us about your final year project?

This year I’ve researched further into how sea creatures are physical effected by plastic pollution (through more ways than meet the eye).

Larry the Lobster –
‘Lobsters are constantly ingesting micro plastics, which become embedded in their shell. After shedding their shell like snakes, they eat the shell in order to absorb the protein to strengthen their new shell.Therefore the plastic never leaves their system.
This infers that lobsters in the future may become plastic.
Imagine that.

Larry the Lobster has had enough. Made from discarded plastic, he’s here to bring awareness to the growing issues towards the future of his kind, and take the plastic back to where it came from.’

Image show a figure paddling with a large figure on head

Manuel the MantaRay –
‘The way MantaRay’s gills filter their food is currently being looked at by scientists as a way to clean the ocean of plastic. Although by the time this design becomes a reality, MantaRays will have been wiped out from micro plastic pollution.’

These are my main two characters that will be featured in my degree show, both accompanied by short films with the characters in action.

Annie making a model

My creatures are all made from discarded plastics I’ve collected from the beach and people recycling bins. I then melt them to create my own sheets, which i form into my creatures. The MantaRay’s frame is made from Mig welded steel tubing.

How did your find studying at Brighton?

As for my course, it’s absolutely fantastic! the workshops have incredible facilities, and the tutors and technicians are just the best! All three years work together, so there’s just a great atmosphere in the workshops. I’m really sad it’s my time to leave!

After graduation, I plan to work as a freelance prop/puppet maker. I did work experience last summer making props at the National Theatre, and have been asked back to work freelance!

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