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“I worked for a company who are one of Chanel’s biggest textile designers”

Meet Eve Row-Care, the Textiles BA(Hons) student who created the textile design for one of the world’s most coveted accessories while on placement.

Hi Eve

Why did you choose Brighton – and why Textiles at Brighton?

“I chose Brighton due to its placement year and the business element of the Textiles degree. I thought that having industry experience would be very valuable!”

What have you enjoyed most about the course?

“The creative freedom. We get given briefs but it allows us to express our own individual style.”

Where did you do your placement?

“I worked with a textile house called Malhia Kent who is one of Chanel’s biggest textile designers. I worked there for three months while living in Paris.”

What kind of work did you do there?

“Designing and weaving fabric samples to be made up for brands and sending out fabric swatches to designers and brands.”

Did you meet Karl Lagerfeld and what was he like???

“Unfortunately not!”

What are you plans when you graduate?

“Depending on how the New Designers show goes, I will hopefully start freelance designing my own fabrics to sell. I am thinking of traveling to inspire my woven fabrics. My current final collection is based on a trip to India and the Indian architecture and colours. I find that travelling and exploring different cultures really inspires me.”

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