How to become an architect – the process explained

At Brighton, we offer the qualifications required for every stage in becoming a fully-fledged architect. Here, Ben Sweeting, Architecture BA(Hons) course leader, explains out how to get there. Secret: it’s not seven full years at uni!

How long will it take me to become an architect?
“Qualifying to be an architect usually involves five years at university (three years of undergraduate study and two years of postgraduate study) and two years’ practical experience.”

What are the different stages of qualification?

RIBA Part 1 Course: BA(Hons)
“At Brighton, we offer a 3-year Bachelors of Arts degree with honours in Architecture. We are proud of our RIBA commendation for the broad subject base we teach. Our socially-engaged, design-led, hands-on course means you will become a creative professional with a wide-range of career options. Read our course description to find out more (left).”

Stage 1 Experience: Practical Experience
“Once you have gained your undergraduate degree, you will spend a year in industry where we monitor your professional experience and the activities you undertake. At Brighton, this element is called Architecture Professional Practice Pre-Diploma. Some people choose to work for longer than one year to gain more experience.”

RIBA Part 2 Course: MArch
“Following your year in industry, you undertake a 2-year Masters in Architecture known as the MArch (sometimes called a BArch or Diploma in other universities). Our course is research-led and highly creative. It also provides you with the technical and professional knowledge you need to move on to the next stage of your professional training.”

Stage 2 Experience: Practical Experience
“Once you have completed your MArch, you will spend a further year working in industry under the direct supervision of an architect where you will assume a higher level of responsibility for projects. Like the Stage 1 experience, we monitor the activities you undertake.”

RIBA Part 3 Course: PGDip
“The Part 3 course is the final step to becoming a full-qualified architect. At Brighton, the part 3 course lasts 10-months and is undertaken whilst you are working in industry. The course covers a wide-range of subjects relating to the practice, management and law of architecture. Once you have completed this course you can enter the ARB’s register of Architects and become a member of the RIBA.”

Find out about Architecture BA(Hons) at the University of Brighton.

Find out about Architecture RIBA Part 2 MArch at the University of Brighton.

Find out about Management, Practice and Law in Architecture PGDip at the University of Brighton.

All our courses are prescribed by the ARB and validated by RIBA.

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