Graduates 2018: Bethany Plumptre: Textiles

Colour and architectural forms really inspire me. I love to build structure and form into my woven designs, using colour to emphasise shape and structure. 

My final project is called Interlace and celebrates the craft of weaving inspired by the core concept of weaving itself. The fabrics visualise and communicate the movement and interactions of interlacing, with the intention to inform the clients understanding and appreciation of woven textiles.

Woven orange thread

How did you find studying Textiles at Brighton?

I have really enjoyed my time at Brighton university. I have been given the freedom to experiment and learn from my mistakes as well as being encouraged and guided by the tutors and technicians. The course is fast pace which pushes you to keep developing ideas as much as you can. I found that I was capable of much more than I thought I was. The placement year is a really beneficial and I feel ready and excited for industry now I have finished the course. 

End knot

What are your plans after graduation?

I hope to keep building on my experience in the industry and keep designing woven fabrics.

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