Worthing Museum collections celebrated in free Objects Unwrapped event

Students and staff have collaborated with Worthing Museum and Art Gallery for a free event on 30 June.

The day marks the public launch of Objects Unwrapped, a collaborative project uniting BA, MA and PhD students, staff  and the museum to explore and celebrate its unique collections and to develop their understanding and communication through research and writing, exhibitions and events. 

This first public event, supported by the Centre for Design History, showcases research through a series of short talks and object displays.  Visitors can learn about the science of patchwork quilts in the 1830s, fears of fiction in campaigns against public libraries in the 1890s, bodily restriction in suffragette clothing, the hazards of hand-knitted bathing suits in the 1930s, and how silk battle maps were remodelled into dresses after the Second World War.

The event runs on June 30.

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