Graduates 2018: Haleimah Darwish: Architecture

My work often centres around an experimentation period towards the start of designing an architecture. During this period I create a body of work that will serve as a guide for the principles and characteristics of the proposition stage.

Because of this many of my inspirations are because of what can be learnt from their processes, such as Diller and Scofidio. 

My final year project is concerned with decaying and preservation. I explored the site through notational maps which led to my investigation of seed archives and designing an architecture which preserves Brighton’s native species.


How have you found studying Architecture at Brighton

I found the course to be very productive and I have gained a lot of new skills. It is tough at times but overall a rewarding subject, the teachers at Brighton all offer something different. 


What have you learned on the course?

To work hard and push through creative blocks.


What are you plans after graduation

I plan on applying for a job in architecture this summer and hopefully do my masters in London next year.

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