Graduates 2018: Georgina Stone: Painting

My work explores an abstracted visual language where creature-like forms dominate the space, while evoking an other worldly presence.

The creatures are obscure suggesting more than one identity and allude to a presence that might exist in outer space and deep ocean. Looking at references from sci-fi pop culture and nature documentary’s such as Blue Planet, my palette alludes to unnatural combinations of colours to create a peculiar habitat for these organic/primordial lifeforms. Using human names as titles such as Bruno, Dallas and Jamie giving the creature’s agency which adds to their presence. Using anthropomorphism, I add a strange human character, though the paintings represent something unearthly.


I work with materials such as spray paint, pearlescent paint and acrylic paint as they all have specific aesthetic qualities. I use a diverse range of marks creating a pictorial language that explores depth that travels through and around the suggested space pushing my work towards abstracted forms and images. I use and layer different thicknesses of acrylic paint that protrude out of the surface creating a three-dimensional effect exploiting the boundaries of the formal, two-dimensional surface of the finished works.


What are your plans after graduating?

Next year I will be attending an intensive drawing course at the Royal drawing school for a term and an art residency in china from May to July. I wish to pursue an MA in 2019.

How have you found studying Painting at Brighton?

I have really enjoyed my time at Brighton and have never had a doubt during the past three years that it wasn’t the best course for me and highly recommend Fine Art: painting at the University of Brighton to any student looking for a positive friendly experience with great inspiring tutors.

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