Graduates 2018: Zoe Kan: Architecture

My work is processed based. This year I was taught to work with my intuition by my tutor (Sam Lynch) and it definitely has been the best advice ever.

Using my senses and my perception, my current environment and the day to day to influence a design and an architecture. It’s so nice to learn that the smallest things can bring out so much through a process of speculating its possibilities.

Aerial shot of corner

These experiences and discoveries (as part of architecture research) for my design are then represented by collages and mostly hand-drawn pieces as personally, they are the best way to express my experiences. These representation would eventually lead to a conversation of possibilities and discoveries through tutorials and crits. I have also learned that by constantly drawing, sketching, and creating, one is able to form some sort of answer. It’s the process that leads to a discovery each time.

Through all of this, it is nice to learn that representing experiences through drawing and creating can form a dialogue and a language to create and form an architecture. 

Side elevation drawing

Please tell us about your final year project

From term 1, we had to find an object on site that would lead us to create a device. I created this hat device that blocked my view from what I see around me. From there, it lead to the topic of fragments and mystery. That the way we perceive the world is fragmented as it consists of fragments gathered in reality and what is imagined from the multiplicity of our own experiences. 

From there, my project which had to with mystery and fragments – on how facades block us from seeing the whole picture and hence, our perceptions of our reality are based on pieces of fragments. From there, term 2 was about pushing the idea of fragments and facades and mystery from term 1 that my device gave me. Thus, the programme for the building was Cartographer’s Research Centre.


How did you find the course at Brighton?

I’ve really enjoyed it so much. I couldn’t have asked for a better uni experience. I’ve learned so much over 3 years! It’s crazy because there’s so much more about architecture that I didn’t know and want to know more of. It’s such a great environment with great tutors, technicians and helpers. The conversations and overall vibe in the studio is really inspiring and motivating. I’ve met a bunch of wonderful people with great minds and hearts that I really do hope to keep in contact with. I’ve learnt so much through the year. It’s been a wonderful journey. 

See through render

What are your plans after Graduation?

Definitely hope to get a job here in London / Brighton as I have gained my adulthood and have met wonderful individuals here! There’s also so much more in architecture that I want to learn and know more of, so I hope to do my masters too. But I haven’t been home (Malaysia) for 3 years so I’ll take a few months off home to catch up from when I left. The future’s really exciting. 

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