Graduates 2018: Peter Barr: Product Design

I believe products should make life both easier and more enjoyable – thoughtful design work leads to elegant and satisfying solutions.

My fascination in understanding the user and psychology behind design, and my passion for model making, means I always strive to create work that is both functional and beautiful, taking inspiration from designers such as Ettore Sottsass and Dieter Rams

 Please tell us about your final year project

 Patients’ veins are often tricky to locate, making accurate cannulation difficult. This results in unnecessarily wasted equipment destined for incineration.

‘VASO’ combats this waste production with localised heating. The portable device provides convenient access to reusable, sticky heat patches which are ‘stamped’ onto the patient.

These warm the veins causing them to dilate, making them easier to locate and cannulate successfully first time. The product is designed to be cleaned in an autoclave, which both sterilises the device and resets the chemicals within the patches so they can be reused, creating a cycle of zero waste.

How did you find the course at Brighton?

A creative, dynamic and involving course like no other. Always engaging and updating. 

What have you taken away from the course/time at Brighton?

Collaboration is powerful. Hard work and perseverance is key – ‘ no matter. Try again. Fail again, fail better’. Design is the most rewarding work you can ever do. And everything takes 2 and a half times as long as you predicted, so plan, plan, and plan again. 

 What are your plans after Graduation?

To further develop the enAball, a portable and adaptable painting device that allows wheelchair users to independently express themselves through the medium of art. I have been co-designing the product with four other product design students and aim to batch produce and sell the product within a year after graduating. 

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