Graduates 2018: Jade Delmage: Illustration

I try to be playful with my work, and I always want to learn about new ways of working, recently editing films is something that I have been enjoying and teaching myself along the way.

A theme for me this past year has been integrating animation and filmed footage , to do this I’ve had to get over my technophobic attitudes to computers and combine digital outlets to convey my ideas. 

 Screen grab of Jade Delmage

Please tell us about your final year project

My final project is a celebration of 100 years of women voting. So I set out to make a film presenting 100 ‘ings’ for 100 years, which on two screens with a mix of animation and film, presents male and females doing really normal stuff. Eating, sleeping, wrestling to name some of the obvious. My goal from this was to visually communicate, that we are all people, we all do the same stuff, isn’t it silly that something as important as voting women have only been doing for 100 years, because of gender?

 Lighted work Jade Delmage

How did you find the course at Brighton?

One of the beautiful and unique things about our course is that Illustration and Graphics share the same studio, these professions are a marriage made in heaven… and I feel that this has had a big influence on my work.

The people I’ve been sharing a studio with become a constant source of inspiration, seeing everyones work on the walls, collaboration and conversation that goes on it’s hard not to be really nosey. I’ve loved my time here, the tutors are genuinely amazing and they aren’t even paying me to say that. 

 Jade spreadeagled on floor

What have you taken away from the course/time at Brighton?

A understanding of what visual communication actually is. Considering I started the course not able to use photoshop I’ve learnt so much through failure and actually just making stuff. Not being afraid to do what I actually want to do which is pretty much weird videos. Probably most importantly without being soppy I’ve taken away some bloody lovely friends, together we’ve organised exhibitions, poetry nights, club fundraisers, swap shops, gone on school trips, and generally been really noisy and messy. It’s been fun. 

What are your plans after Graduation?

I don’t have any immediate plans for after graduation, I’d love to get an internship somewhere (Please hire me, I work hard promise)

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