Graduates 2018: Edward Chason: 3D Design and Craft

I explore the relationship between materiality, creativity and consumerism by attempting to ‘reshape’ the identity and hopefully our relationship with some materials of the very lowest value.

Pro-FibreTM is a processed material manufactured by Veolia from contaminated paper and I use it as a central ‘element’. It contains impurities including glass, plastics, food, sand etc and is therefore an ambiguous material and by-product of our throw away society.

Product render

Through original processes, my work explores this ambiguity; from pollution to function, disposed to usable, natural and synthetic, my hybrid processes punctuate and interrupt the flow of materials that were on a journey to incineration or burial.

Ed and pots

By creating forms and vessels that reveal different materials flows and systems and by implying industrial application I am aiming to balance control levels and master an industrial material that has the ability to combine natural aesthetics with structured, defined forms.

Edward pottery

How did you find studying 3D at Brighton?

It was a great experience. I got to learn about materials and processes that were unknown to me before university. It was also great having a vast range of tutors who all enjoyed being involved with the various projects. During my final year at Brighton University I created and developed a new, innovative process.

What are you plans following graduation?

After graduating I am going to take a year off from education. Hopefully I will gain experience working within the design world and gain valuable experience prior to starting my masters degree at the RCA (either in Ceramic & Glass or Design Project). I feel that I could develop my process in both courses.

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