Graduates 2018: Durril Weller: Moving Image

My practice explores intersections between technology, architecture, and social narrative.

My work interrogates the capacity to image significant historical occurrences to develop complex and challenging representations of those incidents. One technique I use to develop work is to retrieve information or data from old documents – an archived photo or a witness account about an event, for example, will become integral in reconstructing that scenario in the form of CGI and 3D animation.

I produce animations in a game-engine. I find this medium exciting to use as it allows for a visceral image-production process. Elements of chance or uncertainty can be employed to affect the course of images, allowing for films that dynamically change in each viewing.

Can you tell us about your final year project?

My graduate show piece, Linear C, is a live generative animation depicting a group of characters explore a dark labyrinth like structure. The animation juxtaposes iconography across history, including symbolism from Greek Mythology and from the Second World War. As characters search the Labyrinth, details and inscriptions on walls and surfaces contribute to a sense of place that echoes a complex history of subterranean existence – from London bomb shelters to the Paris Catacombs.

Towerblock crumbling

How did you find studying Moving Image at Brighton?

I think I have gained the most value from Moving Image in the guidance I have received from tutors, technicians, and peers, who have encouraged me to experiment and question the meaning of things. I leave my time at the university with new knowledge and perspectives. I will miss being around such amazing people.

What are your plans after graduating?

I am looking forward to developing my practice independently over the next year. I will be making artworks and films in Unity. I am considering post-grad education, either to pursue research or to further my skillset in animation and computer software.



Screenshot of Linear C (graduate show piece)

Screenshot of previous work.

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