Graduates 2018: George Mcpherson: Product Design

My product is called “Oritatami”, it is described as a flexible seating solution for modern living. 

With more and more people living in rented properties across the world, the space people have to live in is drastically reducing. Oritatami comes from the Japanese word for ‘to fold’. The chair uses the Yoshimura origami fold to create a compact seating solution for your home and can compact to 80% of it’s original size making it ideal for both storage and transport.

How did you find studying Product Design at Brighton?

The main thing I would take away from my time on the course is the ability to communicate with others. Whether this is by explaining you work and ideas to lectures through assignments or by working with other students to help get another perspective on your work. The fact that the course is pretty small in numbers sets us up to be a close knit group who can talk through everything going on in the course. This design approach and course structure has helped ensure I will be ready for industry.

What are your plans after graduating?

After graduation my initial plans are to do something completely different, so I am off to explore South America for a couple of months to unwind after a busy and stressful final year. After I have had a bit of fun I hope to get a job in industry. As my final year project is a piece of furniture, I would love to get into this industry as I have developed a passion for it over the last year.

George’s chair is currently on’s talent lab with the chance to be funded please. 

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