Graduates 2018: Kristin Mihneva: Interior Architecture

Before I start working on a project, I am looking for a strong conceptual idea of why I am doing a particular work.

I imagine it through drawing mostly, but I believe I am influenced by the potential of using imagination to expand reality into fiction. I always use the  elements of fantasy and I love working with different mediums.

The final project for this year is placed in the future, asking the question what if your opinion could be seen instead of heard?. I created a group pf characters called the Alliance- a filmmaker, artist and architect working together to build a device called the cityshaper.

Kristin NFA program

A story of the future. The voice of the public now matters. The project tells the story of how citizens become activists in expressing their opinion in front of the public. The narrative takes the viewer in the backstage of life where the voices are locked. It is time for the citizens to become architects of the future cities. The city shaper is a device that will collect the opinions in the form of sound bites. Furthermore the site that I chose- Dukes Mound  becomes a laboratory space for the collaboration between  creatives who will present the collected information in the form of projection.

How have you found studying Interior Architecture at Brighton

I believe the course is a big challenge for creativity, expanding your vision and definitely pushing you to develop your best skills. It was the best choice as it gives you such a big freedom of ways of working, encouraging you to learn more and new but also to improve your knowledge.

I think the course teaches you about being patient as well, and that if you work hard enough, the results are brilliant. Which applies further than the course.  I had amazing tutors and advice, and support for my work. We had briefs to work with, but each of us responded in a different way. In the same  way there is no single true or false answer for creativity. I learned how to design, but more than that in the past 3 years there were times when it was hard to find the answer, but never impossible. With ups and downs, I learned that there is always a solution.

What are your plans after graduation?

After graduation I plan to go into stage design for performance and also in the future work as a freelancer. 

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