Graduates 2018: Katie Carson: Moving Image

I work within the moving image medium creating multi-disciplinary work utilising digital technology and analog film processes which are amalgamated with textural animations.

One of my favourite modes of storytelling is the use of 35mm scans with subtitles and sound. I am influenced by other artistic mediums, and my themes are illustrated through a “tactile” approach, evident in my use of methods/techniques, such as single screen and multi-screen installations, emphasising the relationship between sound, image, and language. 

I consistently concern myself with themes about colonialism, gender, identity, and globalisation. Most recently I have explored Northern Ireland’s anomalous position in the UK highlighting issues faced by women due to archaic laws restricting reproductive rights. As someone who works mainly with multi-media installation, my vision is to focus on political topics of global interest creating large immersive multi-screen exhibitions, documentaries and public displays.

'The Colleen’s Bawn’ [Graduate Piece - Single Screen Projection]: Steadicam, Canon 5Green Screen, Stop-motion Painting, 35mm Stills

Please tell us about your final year project

The Colleen’s Bawn, [from the Irish – bábhún – meaning “cattle-stronghold” or defensive wall surrounding a farmland protecting the family, cattle and property from attack] is a multi-disciplinary video projection about the controversial dichotomy: The State versus the Individual. It deals specifically with the lack of women’s reproductive rights in Northern Ireland.

The viewer’s reality of time is manipulated through the moving image medium creating a complex temporal zone between past and present. A meditative quality is created through the camera gliding in and out of different frames. Visual and textual manifestations raise ethical issues Northern and Southern Irish women face. Painting and drawing elements are presented as expressive animations which include sombre imagery.

Presented with the stark landscape of Ulster, spanning the North/ South border, with an abandoned farmhouse, the audience is suddenly exposed to a room – a clinical stark exhibition space. A narrator shares a woman’s musings on evolution and reproductive rights accompanied by an experimental soundtrack consisting of double bass, experimental synth and found sound rings out.

Untitled Triptych: DV & Canon 5D, Stills,

How did you find the course at Brighton?

Moving Image helps students become artists; the course is practical whilst being quite self-led, which enables one to develop one’s  own creativity, style and medium through the exploration of various themes in  the course structure. A wide range of work is made on the course and there is a collaborative atmosphere, which again enhances the learning experience whilst also allowing one to learn in a hands-on way. One-to-one tutorials are very beneficial and provide feedback on your work. One of my favourite parts of this course is the fact that we are taught by practicing artists, and also  have visiting artists who will help with teaching on the course. I also cannot forget about the great technicians on the course who are extremely helpful and offer lots of workshops for students. 

Untitled 1 [Single Screen Projection]: DV

What have you taken away from the course/time at Brighton?

On a personal level I have started to develop my own artistic voice. Brighton University is a hub of creativity; there are links and overlaps between various courses which help build connections and work relationships for the future – Moving Image and Sound Art would often work together on projects. 


What are your plans after graduation?

I am thinking of a number of options. One is a hope to travel to New York to work for an arts shipping company. Another, is to try out other work in the artistic/gallery field. I would also want be able to afford to move to London to gain experience in a documentary company. My longterm goal is to be able to travel and make moving image work in the documentary field, working alongside news reporters. 

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