Graduates 2018: Jasmyn Bloch: Digital Music and Sound Arts

 “Femporis” is a multimedia installation that explores the concepts of rebirth and new life, taking place in an ultra-female space: a modern womb.

It combines digitally processed vocal recordings with abstract visual representations of the womb made from footage of the female form.

Jasmyn 1

This piece is designed to create an immersive experience that provokes thought and mindfulness by submerging the viewers in an overwhelming sensory space. You are the foetus in this room, and every person that enters it is a part of this performance. In a visceral yet intimate manner, I take the encounterers on a provocative journey from conception to birth, giving them the time to be surrounded in my audio-visual world and be reminded of their own personal growth, births and movements of life.

Jasmyn 2

What are your plans after graduation?

Following graduation I plan to continue my work in the realms of femininity and voice. I am hoping to eventually create an online platform for young female artists in Brighton to showcase their arts of various forms, and hold regular art events to showcase their pieces. 

Jasmyn 3

How did you find studying Digital Music and Sounds Arts at Brighton?

This course was fantastic for me, especially in the setting that is Brighton. The vibrancy of the city, with it’s ever-changing soundscape, created the perfect backdrop for me to study Digital Music & Sound Arts. I feel that the course has really helped me to refine my creative vision and has given me to confidence to work with sound in ways I never thought possible before.

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