Graduates 2018: Rachel Dowling: Interior Architecture

I’ve always loved storytelling and taking otherwise boring subjects or processes and transforming them into something whimsical and carefully considered.

My hope is too tell a story that allows people to imagine. This was the primary focus for the project, to take people on a curious journey through the eyes of someone else. 

That person ended up being Arthur Unwin, an elderly gentleman who had decided to pursue his passion for pigment making. The project is a look into the whole process of lake pigment making that involves all of Arthur’s hand built machines. This enables the whole workshop to work with just one man running it from a central nerve centre and some old rope. One of the machines is a crusher powered by the movement of pigeons in purpose built nest in the neighbouring building. 

How have you found studying Interior Architecture at Brighton?

The course really made me question what it was I wanted to do after university. When I started I thought Interior Architecture was the field for me, however as the course progressed I saw glimpses of other fields which felt more like the work I wanted to do. The model making workshop alongside the teaching has proved a real inspiration over the past three years. 

What are your plans after graduation?

My plan is to find work experience within the set design or prop making field. My dream job is to work as a puppet maker on stop motion animation films.

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