Graduates 2018: Oleksandra Umanska: Interior Architecture

My work is based on a fictional story which is a monologue of nature that represents itself as our creator and dictates for us new rules to follow. For my first term project, I designed a safe haven in case of the danger that we might put ourselves into such as war. 

In the second term, I continue the story looking further in the future. Those who survived hiding in the bunker start living their new life following ten new commandments by Nature. For those who have passed away the sacred place is designed.  It is a place to keep the memory of the fallen.

Skull in stone

This place is a combination of the natural and human-made elements. It is also intended for the second coming of Mother nature. On 23 of September 2090 when the Sun, Moon and Earth would line up creating total solar eclipse, people will get the next message of their future fate. 


What are your plans following graduation?

After graduation, I am planning to continue studying, am currently applying to master degree in London. I am interested in too many things and haven’t yet decided what would I like to do in the future, so I have applied to different verities of design coerces letting. 


How have you found studying Interior Architecture at Brighton?

This course has had a massive influence on my outlook and my mission in life.  As an observer of the social, cultural, historical and environmental trends that surround everyday life, I have learned a lot about my role as a designer and my duty to challenge to the world as it is given. Besides study, I met incredible people who became my family in Brighton. I will miss my university life and great fun I had during those years.

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