Graduates 2018: Katie Murphy: Interior Architecture

My programme is inspired from the information and results gathered from my previous project. Within this project, I created a device that experimented with fragments found in Stanmer Park and tested them up against natural conditions, to inform both me and others what materials could be found in our site, and how we could use them in architectural structures. 

This lead me to thinking of a way that my devices discoveries could advise others, after research I came across Material Libraries. A place to showcase findings of innovative materials, tested on by professionals called Material Scientists. 

The testing on these materials is an on-going experiment that I find interesting so there will be an area in which supplies donated will be tested on daily. Material Libraries are usually made up from: polymers, ceramics, glass, metal, cement-based materials and natural materials. These are all materials that are accessible to us in day to day life and I plan on promoting up-cycling and recycling within my maker-space, not just in the library but in the workshops available to communities and the public. 

As well as incorporating re-useable materials, knowledge on this growing problem is key, so alongside the library, workshop and laboratory, lectures will be held for students to learn more about the issue at hand and how easy it is to prevent it. These spaces will intertwine with each other and will all take samples and information from each other creating a creative community space. 

This project has really inspired me, and actually shocked me at the results I’ve gathered on up-cycling materials for structural use.

What are your plans after graduation?

After graduation I would love to research further into this aspect, and experiment more on materials because it is so easy and fun! Personally I want too see my feedback on this project, and see how my degree show goes and hear peoples opinions on whats the best path for me. Ive always struggled in certain design processes so I think after completing my final year I will decide what my strong skills are. 

How have you found studying Interior Architecture at Brighton?

As I’ve said I’ve always struggled in certain aspects of this course, I’m a slow worker and it takes me a few times to get certain tasks. But I have loved this course, especially my final year, my tutors are strengthened my confidence so much and for the first time have made me feel I could be successful in this trade. I’ve always loved Brighton, and I’m dreading moving away, but I hope to come back as soon as possible! As the laid back vibe is so much easier than the hectic London life. I will definitely miss the guidance and support i’ve been given throughout these 3 years. 

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