Graduates 2018: Jeeda Fanous: Interior Architecture

My work captures an ongoing pursuit of creating experientially stimulating environments that challenge and defy both the norms and standards of spatial design.

I am always tempted to push the boundaries of conventional process of concept development, in which I approach a project by first questioning its larger context, through informing temporary radical changes rather than permanent incremental ones. This technique encourages me to question and experiment with the overall concept, thereby allowing me to fulfill the project brief. Through my work I attempt to utilize unconventional structural materials, such as latex and bamboo, and amend their properties in order to employ them in an architectural context.

Interior Jeeda Fanous

Can you tell us a bit about your final year project?

This project primarily focuses on the notion of inhabiting the Boiler house in Brick Lane with a functioning city that infinitely grows vertically: constantly feeding itself to support its potential functionality and programme.

 The basis of this project stems from author Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities from which I have deducted a set of criteria that tailors the foundation on which my design will grow. The nature of the programme is based on the transience and changeability of its inhabitants, which drives the design to adapt and develop correspondingly.  Therefore, I attempt to design a physically and programmatically flexible framework within which the city will organically evolve.

Jeeda Fanous sketch

 Due to the evolving nature of this project, my work only portrays a certain moment in its growth, a prediction of a state amidst the infinite possibilities of an ever-changing structure.

 This project is merely an echo of the arguments presented in my dissertation. It essentially focuses on questioning the possibility of achieving utopia and the extent of its practicality in a temporary condition.

Jeeda Fanous

How have you found studying Interior Architecture at Brighton?

The Interior Architecture course at the University of Brighton has offered me the chance to take a path through which I observed, learned, investigated, experimented and created which defined my identity as a designer. Brighton encourages the creative, audacious qualities in those who experience it.

Jeeda Fanous

What are your plans after graduation? 

Following graduation I plan on finding a job that will help me with discovering other aspects of design, ones that depend more on concept and experience within a space. 

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