Graduates 2018: Josh Cotton 3D Design and Craft

My practice is process driven, often underpinned by a strong narrative, journey or experience. It is also fuelled by my passion for finding, testing and exploring new materials.

I always design and make with the future of our environment in mind, which is especially important as we enter a time where environmental problems are becoming more apparent. The early stages of my practice were heavily influenced by waste materials, especially plastic, which is arguably the most detrimental to our planet. My focus then moved to the coastal landscape, which is not only negatively impacted by waste, but also rapid erosion which I explored in my final collection.

Josh Cotton in studio

Tell us about your final year project

My final year project has explored the process of coastal erosion on the south coast and the natural materials involved in this process. The majority of my research has revolved around the chalk cliffs of Seven Sisters in East Sussex, which is a hot spot for coastal erosion. My collection is comprised of four pieces that show different processes and materials that I have used. The first is a ceramic vessel that explores the power of the waves on Brighton beach. The second is a vessel made from chalk collected at Seven Sisters cliffs. The third is a series of jesmonite and chalk tiles that have been sandblasted to show the degradation of the coast. The final piece is a 3D printed vessel that uncovers the tension between geology and technology.

Josh cotton render

How did you find the course at Brighton?

The course at Brighton is fantastic. I couldn’t ask for anything more from the wonderfully knowledgable tutors and technicians who take a keen interest in the students’ work, and go far beyond what is expected from them. The tutors treat the students like equals, as if we were in a professional environment. The equipment and facilities are beyond what you could imagine, and are managed and maintained to an incredibly high standard.

Josh Cotton sea

What have you taken away from your course at Brighton? 

From the 3D Design and Craft course at Brighton I have developed an abundance of skills and techniques that I’m sure I will apply to my career. It has allowed me to develop a pragmatic approach to my designing and making, which has taken my projects to a more sophisticated level.

What are your plans after graduation?

I am hoping to do a Masters in Material Futures at Central Saint Martins in London, in order to further my interest in process and research in a more scientific way.

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