Graduates 2018: Jacob Talkowski Sculpture

I use vividness to make architecturally inspired geometric structures using a wide range of materials including light, with an emphasis on classical formal concerns such as scale, weight, and proportion.

Hi Jacob, can you tell us a bit about your work?

I explorehow flatness can become activated space through geometry and edge placement. Delivering the viewer to the complex boundary of art and design; my work seeks to evoke the appreciation of design with the wonder of the art experience. Informing my practice is the relationship between theUK class system (and its many facets) and consumption of the fine arts. I am interested in the tensions between the galleryin its physical form and expanded notion, and how these manifest within the architectural standing.

Jacob Talkowski Sculpture

Can you tell us about how colour and material inform your work?

Saturated colour is a crucial component I employ to create architecturally dependent works which activate a sense of aesthetic wonder within the viewer; colour which I determine through both material and trend analysis. I am interested in how the viewer encounters the work, how a first impression is generated and ho the work announces the conditions of its own making.I utilise materials that I observe being in the collective public conscious such as paper, or cable, to undermine the inherent classism present within the forms of fine art and architecture I am engaged with. Sculpture is intrinsically linked to its surrounding environment, and thus I take a ‘site-sensitive’ approach to curating the environment for my work; as a designer would plan a book, or an architect an extension.

Jacob Talkowski Sculpture

What are your plans following graduation?

I’m going to be going to the RCA to study my MA in Sculpture – which I’m really excited for – however I’m going to take a year out to raise some money and try keeping a practice going in the real wide world. Sculptures hard for someone who doesn’t live anywhere near a big city and so I’m going to be putting myself to the test! 

Jacob Talkowski Sculpture studio

How did you find studying Sculpture at Brighton?

I’ve really enjoyed my time at Brighton, I think with arts so under threat at the moment its really a throw yourself into it fully, get out what you put in situation and Sculpture has totally had the support in place for me to do that. Our studio is SUCH a great resource to have, its the place where you can come together as a course and just make some work, hear someone chatting by the kettle, somewhere theres a drill buzzing, the inevitable slam of MDF falling over after some precarious balancing- I love it so much. It’ll be what I think I miss most. The tutors and technicians are of course great- but its the whole lil’ sculpture family unit that makes this a course I would totally recommend to anyone interested in arts in any aspect.

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