Graduates 2018: Nanette Hewitt: Painting

Heraldic materials are significant to my work; I draw visual imagery from anthropological collections such as the Pitt River Museum in Oxford. 

Hi Nanette, can you tell us a bit about your work?

My paintings sit somewhere on the spectrum of representation to abstraction with creatures and characters morphing within painterly form. Drawing is a significant part of my practice as I believe it develops a connection to a depth of imaginative space; it has an intimacy which allows me to pull at threads of surreal thought that can then contribute to the enchanted content of my paintings. Although the paintings contain fantastical representations, it is important that they contain an edge of secular truth; the sincerity of the painterly mark offers that equivalence to a humanistic presence. The paintings emerge out of the act of creation rather than being manufactured. At the core of my practice is the conversation around mimetic representation; how humanity tirelessly tries to depict a manifesting and everchanging environment.

Nanette Hewitt 1

Can you tell us a bit about your influences?

Paul Gauguin, Torbjorn Rodland, Alan Davie and Hans Hofmann have been key artistic influences whilst Roland Barthes’s Mythologies and Suzi Gablik’s The Reenchantment of Art have been crucial texts that I reference in my practice.

Nanette Hewitt 2

How was studying here for you?

The painting department has an exceptional team of staff and a real sense of community. My artwork has progressed dramatically since I started at Brighton as I have benefited from 1-1 tutorials, visiting artist lectures and technical advice.  Although each student has their own dedicated artistic practice, the course wouldn’t be the same without the peer support. Brighton, as a city, is known for its positive spirit and diversity; these qualities are truly reflected within the university. The painting studios are full of determined students, captivating artworks and firm friendships.

Nanette Hewitt 4

What are you plans following Graduation?

Next year, I will be at Derby University completing my PGCE in Primary Education to achieve Qualified Teacher Status. I have experienced an extremely positive journey during my own education which has motivated me to give agency to learning. Creativity in the classroom is integral and I feel ready for the professional and social responsibility that teaching requires. I will, of course, continue to paint and hope that teaching and painting will have a symbiotic relationship in terms of my career and future ventures.

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