Graduates 2018: Caitlin Bainbridge: Media Studies

My dissertation project explores how a predominately heteronormative society has a significant impact on the way gender and identity is understood, particularly examining the Drag King community.

The outcome intends to shed light onto Kings, and urges audiences to rethink gender as a binary through the use of photography. Being part of the LGBT+ community, I’ve been inspired by others within the community; their bravery to speak out and be who they are unapologetically. I wanted to create work that would highlight these special minorities, and use this platform to give a voice to those who need to be heard a little louder, hence concentrating on Drag Kings.

Caitlin Bainbridge

What are your plans after graduation?

Following my graduation, I intend to take a year out as I’m travelling India. Come September 2019, I’m going to Northbrook college to study Prop Making, hopefully landing a job as a prop maker once I finish! It’s got nothing to do with photography but it took me this long to realise that’s what i want to do!

Caitlin Bainbridge

How did you find studying at Brighton?

I enjoyed some bits of the course a lot, other bits not so much! I’m a practical person, so the theory parts weren’t really my thing, hence why I did a photography based dissertation. I’ve really enjoyed the photography aspect of the course, I’ve learnt a lot and feel proud of my development in photography. Everyone on the course is lovely, and Pat has been a great tutor.

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