Graduates 2018: Emmy Sale Fashion and Dress History

Emmy Sale is a final year Fashion and Dress History student who will be showing work in the Graduate Degree Show.

Emmy can you tell us a bit about yourself?

“I study Fashion and Dress History, which is one of the pathways in the History of Art and Design programme. With a growing passion for the subject alongside the confidence and aspiration the course has enabled me to have, I recently was the recipient of a student fellowship with the Association of Dress Historians.  Through this opportunity I am developing my skills in promoting dress history research and study through social media as well as sharing my research and interests through posts written specially for their blog.  I am also part of a collaborative project between Worthing and the University of Brighton, ‘Objects Unwrapped’, where I will be sharing my research of a surviving garment I examined in the Archive of Worthing Museum. “

What have you chosen for your dissertation?

“My dissertation looks at hand-knitted bathing suits in the 1930s in relation to young wage-earners. The project focuses on the homemade and working-class, rather than the dress of designers and the wealthy that many fashion history books focus on. This of course made the research challenging but certainly rewarding! I found myself at Totnes Fashion and Textiles museum, Worthing Museum and Southend Museum in search of surviving garments; and multiple trips to the British Library to read and collect knitting patterns and adverts that women’s magazines of the period contain. With a strong use of primary resources I was able to explore why the bathing suits were made at home and the social and cultural aspects of their wearing in public. Prominently, the sources allowed me to question if certain designs were made for specific leisure of sunbathing, swimming or both. “

What are your plans after graduation?

“I plan to stay in Brighton after graduating and start MA History of Design and Material Culture, in order to pursue my passion for research and to develop my skills further. I then hope to apply for graduate research assistant roles or potentially Phd studentships.”

How have you enjoyed your course at Brighton?

“I have enjoyed every minute of my course and I think the fact that I would like to continue the subject to Masters level shows that. As active researchers, the tutors have always been inspirational and supportive of students work and their volunteering or work outside of University. Brighton as a wonderful and cultural place, is perfect for such a course and in some modules we have explored the history of art and design in terms of Brighton and also the second-hand trade within the lanes.”

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