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Women of Impact: Textiles student scoops prestigious award

Rachel Wells has received £2,500 from the Framework Knitters in recognition of her final-year work.

Hi Rachel. Congratulations! How did you enter the award?

I went to the Framework Knitters and talked through my ideas for my final major project. I took along lots of knitted samples I had already created and had a vision  for the rest of the year.

When did you find out you had won?

I found out in January that I was a winner of an award and that only six others in the country receive that amount (there are others of smaller amounts, 12 in total). I got the cheque in the post in early February. To accept my award I have been invited to a white tie event with all the founders of the framework knitters and everyone in the Livery, plus the other winners.

How will the money help?

It will help a huge amount! I can now buy luxury yarns for my final collection of textiles and garments. I am also able to spend some of the money on Shima Seiki technology, which is a major part of my project. They are the industrial knitting machines that can create jacquards – for my project I need very detailed specific jacquards that I would not be able to knit otherwise. I am also going to spend some of the money on a professional photoshoot when my collection is finished so that my portfolio is of a high standard.

Tell us about your experience on the Textiles BA(Hons)?

I have really enjoyed the course. It’s  challenging and fun in so many ways. In the first two years you learn such a huge amount about knitting and the industry, then final year is your chance to put it all together in your own personal way which I really love. Having such a long project for final year means you can really experiment and research into a topic that you enjoy! I feel I have learnt so much, especially with all the valuable guidance form our tutors. Overall Brighton is great university, and also a very fun and quirky place to live!

Where did you do your placement?

On my placement year I had the opportunity to live in New York and work for DKNY. This was the best experience of my life and I couldn’t have done it without the help from my tutors and the connections the university has with the industry.

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