Talking about Transology

E-J Scott, curator of The Museum of Transology,  BA(Hons) Fashion and Dress History graduate and Fashion Lecturer at the University of Brighton, will be giving a talk about the history of trans people this week.

The talk will give an insight into the diverse trans experience, through discussion of the Museum’s collection of over 250 everyday objects representing 108 trans people’s gender journeys from 2000 to today. E-J will consider the inherent challenges surrounding archiving trans identities and categorising the objects’ gender performativity. The Museum’s collection includes: fashion, beauty products, artist’s installations, personal ephemera, medicines and gender clinic documentation, short films and music.

E-J explains that the exhibition is challenging gender bias in history. He said: “The collection is a bold, brave and profound collection of artefacts and photographic portraiture. It’s a celebration of lives of trans people in our community and challenges the view of gender as fixed and predetermined.”

“The Museum has been supported by the generous donations of people in the city of Brighton and Hove. Come along and take the chance to learn more about trans history and trans people’s unique and varied experiences.”

The talk at Grand Parade on 15 February is part of a series of University of Brighton activities to mark LGBT History Month. The exhibition is continuing at the Brighton Museum until June.

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