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Matthew Raw and Assemble Clay Station project at Seven Sisters tube

Ceramicist Matthew Raw (3D graduate) has producted over 1,000 hand-made tiles to clad a disused building at the London underground station.

Clay Station is a collaboration between Assemble and the artist Matthew Raw, commissioned by Art on the Underground as part of the Underline: Art & Music for the Victoria line project.

The project involved the production of more than a thousand hand-made tiles as part of the refurbishment of a unit at the entrance to Seven Sisters Underground Station which has lain empty for more than a decade.

Before the refurbishment, the space was equipped with a kiln to allow for production of the tiles on site and to house a series of workshops where local residents and community groups learnt the techniques used in the project to create smaller ceramic objects.

Matthew’s technique involved colouring blocks of plain white clay with body stain and mixing together different combinations before they are sized, rolled, moulded, cut, dried, fired and glazed – the resulting tiles then clad the building.

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