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Moving Image lecturer Matthew Noel-Tod joins seven contemporary artists in an annual exhibition to interpret a very particular part of London.

Now in its fourth year, Tintype’s Essex Road invites eight artists to each make a short moving image work connected to the mile-long north London street.

The gallery’s large window, on a busy corner in Essex Road, becomes a public screen for six weeks over Christmas and New Year. The films are back-projected into the window, shown on a loop from dusk to 11pm, highly visible to the general public who pass by the gallery.

MATTHEW NOEL-TOD’s film and video work combines references from early cinema, avant garde film, text messaging, internet technology, CGI animation, philosophy and literature. His 2012 film Bang!, featuring talking dogs in Victoria Park, takes the audience on an idiosyncratic journey from Plato to the 2011 London riots. His work questions how new technology mediates our lived experience.

Untitled (Pickering Street) is a forensic close-up of the gutter, where the road meets the pavement, walking along Pickering Street, to the junction of Essex Road, opposite the window of the gallery. The study of the ground reveals a micro-narrative of present day London. The film is a single shot merging the forms of cinema’s early ‘phantom ride’ films and a pseudo- approximation of hand-painted, collaged filmstrip work. Through the rubbish mingled with nature we see the footprint of human life under late-capitalism.

The show runs until January 13 2018

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