Showcasing MA Sequential Design/Illustration and Arts and Design by Independent Project

Work by students graduating from the MA courses in Sequential Design/Illustration, and Arts and Design by Independent Project is being showcased in an upcoming show at Grand Parade.
Among the projects in this year’s exhibition are a reimagining of the failed NASA Apollo 1 mission; a visual exploration of death, loss and the uncanny inspired by a poem by Thomas Hardy; an account of a personal journey from coma to recovery; and a study of self-portrayal on Instagram shown through the character of a pig who posts selfies from a slaughterhouse.These postgraduate courses support self-initiated individual projects and help students to develop an informed, critical and imaginative view of their subject. This exhibition is a testament to their unique creative inquiry.

Exhibitors: Chris AshleyJames Conan BakerYung-Han ChenJuan DuPaula Fernández-MeleroAlex HahnJames HeginbottomOllie HuntHarry IvesHoiieng LaiLenny MarignierRupert MurrellJoseph SageKiira SirolaShelley WilsonEmilio WrothMiaomiao Zhu 

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