All that remains

MA Photography showcases student work

MA Photography students will be exhibiting work at Grand Parade this month.

The show, called ‘Inheritance’ showcases ten photographic artists completing the MA programme this year.

Photography MA

John Ward


Elan Vital

David West

The exhibition’s curator and MA course leader, Joanna Lowry, describes the collective works as dealing specifically with two kinds of inheritance: “On the one hand the gifts bestowed upon us by our ancestors (freely given, but always implying some kind of moral contract), and on the other the traces of biology and history that have worked their way inescapably through our very being and that we are forced to acknowledge whether we want them to be there or not.”


Rachel Bint


Post Memory Matters

Gabrielle Farah


Project Title

Silas Dominey

Lowry says; “Each of these ideas of inheritance is a particular kind of fictional construction, but one that is nevertheless central to the way we forge identity in society. Photography has always been a device for slicing through the temporal order allowing us to see what we have inherited from a future threshold that only it has been able to create.”. 


Hugo Magalhaes



John Trickey

Students taking part in the exhibition are: Rachael Bint, Silas Dominey, Gabrielle Farah, Hugo Magalhães, Brian Naughton, Kiriya Nishina, Josie Taylor, John Trickey, John Ward and David West.

All That Remains

Brian Naughton



Josie Taylor



Kiriya Nishina

The exhibition runs from September 23 – October 6. For more information and opening times

Find out more about the exhibition  

Find out more about MA Photography


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