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Stephen Mallinder in Manchester International Festival

The Cabaret Voltaire musician, who teaches on our Digital Music and Sound Arts course, is part of ‘industrial music drama’ Cotton Panic opening on Saturday and created by Jane Horrocks, Nick Vivian and Wrangler.

Cotton Panic! tells the story of the catastrophe that befell the North and its people, all thanks to events that took place thousands of miles away. It is a collage of live music, drama, words and film to evoke an era lost to history

Cotton Panic! will be driven by a dynamic soundtrack, taking in original material, familiar songs, industrial noise and electronic soundscaping. Staged in the atmospheric Victorian grandeur of Upper Campfield Market Hall, the show takes the audience through prosperity, panic and poverty, towards the peace of companionship with one’s fellow man.

Read the full description on the MIF website.

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