Becky Lu

Technician focus: Becky Lu

Becky is integral to the Textiles teaching team, advising and assisting students in traditional screen printing processes and dyeing for printed textiles. 

As a graduate of the degree (Becky graduated in 2010 and was awarded the Texprint Print prize for her final collection), she knows exactly what the students are looking for in terms of technical help. And in 2016, she won the University’s first Crampton Remarkable Colleague Award, for demonstrating excellence in her role as a member of staff.

‘There is a lot to learn in the Print workshop and so at first it can be very overwhelming. We cover a wide range of both traditional and modern techniques, which take time to perfect and can be challenging. In order for the students to fully understand the processes, I make sure that all the steps are broken down and so that there is a thorough understanding of how and why they are doing something. I want the students to be able to graduate from the course, confident in their knowledge and technical ability of Printed textiles and so work closely with them to achieve this.’

As well as working at the university, Becky is an artist and illustrator. Inspired by botanical and scientific illustration, and the natural world, she uses mediums of pen and fine liner ink to capture everyday life in her dotwork and fine detail.

Visit Becky’s website I Am Becky Lu.

Take a look at the Textiles with Business Studies BA(Hons) course page.

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One thought on “Technician focus: Becky Lu

  1. I was very happy to see Becky win the Crampton Remarkable Colleague Award. She is a very talented and helpful member of staff. I love seeing our students go from strength to strength.

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